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Top DJ & Photobooth Services 

tailored to make your event truly memorable

Welcome to Spin Eventz, the premier provider of event entertainment services in Austin and San Antonio, TX.
wedding dj and People dancing at wedding in Austin, tx

Our Services

Our professional DJ services are designed to keep your guests entertained and dancing all night long.
From weddings to corporate events, our DJs are experienced in reading the crowd and playing the perfect mix of music to suit any occasion. Learn more about our DJ services.

Wedding couple Dancing with wedding dj music in Austin, Tx
Karaoke DJ and people singing Karaoke in Austin, Tx

Add a touch of fun to your event with our karaoke services.
Our state-of-the-art karaoke machines and extensive song library will keep your guests entertained and engaged.
Ideal for parties, corporate events, and more, our karaoke services are sure to be a hit. 
Explore our karaoke services.

Capture the fun and excitement of your event with our high-quality photobooth services. Our photo booths come with customizable props and backdrops, ensuring a unique and memorable experience for your guests. Perfect for weddings, parties, and corporate events, our photo booths provide instant prints and digital sharing options.
Discover our photo booth services.

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"Let's make your event not just memorable but legendary. How about we schedule a no-obligation consultation to discuss how we can elevate your event to the next level?"

What Our Clients Say
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SpinEventz was great to work with! DJ showed up on time and went straight to work! The music he played was exactly what we wanted and set the perfect mood for the party. We will definitely book him again!

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Khani Jo Zulu 

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SpinEventz provided DJ services for our company's holiday party and he did an outstanding job. They played a great mix of music that got everyone on the dance floor. I highly recommend it.”

Sascha Allendes

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Andres from SPINEVENTZ turned our event into an unforgettable party! Professional, adaptable, and with an incredible playlist that kept the energy high all night.  SPINEVENTZ is the one to choose! Thank you for an amazing night!

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Frecuently Asked Questions
  • Can we meet the DJ before the event to discuss specific details and preferences?
    Certainly! We value open communication and offer pre-event consultations where you can meet with the DJ to discuss specific details, preferences, and any special requirements you may have. This ensures that everyone is on the same page, contributing to a seamless and personalized experience on the day of your event.
  • Can you provide references from previous clients or venues you have worked with?
    Certainly! We are more than happy to provide references from previous clients and venues. Feel free to ask during the consultation, and we can share testimonials or connect you with individuals who have experienced our services firsthand. We believe in transparency and are proud of the positive feedback we've received.
  • How do you handle unforeseen circumstances or technical issues during an event?
    Our experienced DJs are adept at troubleshooting and handling unforeseen challenges. In the rare instance of technical issues, we have backup equipment on standby. Our professionalism ensures that any disruptions are minimized, allowing you and your guests to enjoy a smooth and uninterrupted experience. For any additional questions or specific inquiries, feel free to reach out to our dedicated team. We are here to make your event memorable and stress-free!
  • What is the process for booking your services, and what is required to secure our date?
    To book our services, we typically start with a consultation to discuss your event details and preferences. Once we've tailored a package to meet your needs, a signed contract and a deposit are required to secure your date. This ensures that we can fully commit to making your event a success.
  • Can you provide a sample contract or service agreement for review before making a commitment?
    Certainly! We can provide a sample contract or service agreement for your review before making any commitment. This document outlines the terms and conditions of our services, ensuring transparency and clarity. Feel free to request a copy during the initial consultation.
  • How does the photo booth rental process work, and what is included in your packages?
    Renting our photo booth is a straightforward process. Our packages typically include a set rental duration, a variety of props, unlimited photo sessions, and instant prints for guests. We offer customizable packages to fit different event needs, and our team is available to guide you through the selection process.
  • Can we customize the photo booth experience for our event, and do you offer themed props?
    Absolutely! We encourage customization to match the theme or style of your event. From personalized photo booth backdrops to themed props that complement your occasion, we strive to create a unique and tailored experience. Let us know your preferences, and we'll work to make your photo booth a perfect fit for your event.
  • Is an attendant provided with the photo booth, and what is their role during the event?
    Yes, all our photo booth rentals come with a professional attendant. The attendant is responsible for setting up and maintaining the photo booth, assisting guests with using the equipment, and ensuring a smooth experience. Their presence ensures that everything runs seamlessly, allowing you and your guests to enjoy the photo booth to the fullest.
  • Are digital copies of the photos provided, and how can guests access or download them?
    Yes, digital copies of the photos are typically included in our photo booth packages. After the event, we provide a secure online gallery where guests can view, download, and share their pictures. This gallery serves as a convenient and accessible way for everyone to relive the captured moments from the photo booth.
  • How does the customization of photo prints work, and can we include our event logo or branding?
    We offer customization options for photo prints to align with your event theme or branding. Whether you want to include event logos, specific colors, or themed graphics on the prints, we work closely with you to create a personalized design. This ensures that every photo strip becomes a unique and cherished keepsake for your guests.
  • What types of events do you provide karaoke services for?
    We specialize in providing karaoke services for a diverse range of events, including private parties, weddings, corporate functions, birthdays, and more. Our versatile karaoke setup is tailored to suit the unique atmosphere and entertainment preferences of each event.
  • How does the karaoke service work, and what is included in your packages?
    Our karaoke service is designed for easy use and maximum enjoyment. Our packages typically include a wide selection of songs, professional-grade audio equipment, microphones, and a user-friendly interface for song selection. Our experienced hosts are on hand to assist with the setup and guide participants through an unforgettable karaoke experience.
  • How do you handle song lyrics, and can participants choose songs in multiple languages?
    We display song lyrics on screens to make it easy for participants to follow along. Our song library includes options in multiple languages, allowing participants to choose songs that reflect their cultural preferences. Our goal is to create an inclusive and diverse karaoke experience for everyone involved.
  • Can you provide testimonials or references from previous clients who have used your karaoke services?
    Certainly! We are proud of the positive feedback we've received from previous clients. We can provide testimonials or connect you with individuals who have experienced our karaoke services firsthand. Hearing about others' experiences can give you confidence in our ability to deliver a fun and engaging karaoke event.
  • What equipment do you provide for karaoke, and do you offer options for larger or smaller venues?
    We provide professional-grade karaoke equipment, including microphones, speakers, lights, and screens for lyrics. Our equipment is scalable to accommodate both larger and smaller venues. We work closely with you to assess the venue size and layout, ensuring that our karaoke setup is optimized for the best sound and visual experience.

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